I have two females I would like to retire and find good homes
for.  They need spade and will be easily trained to be in a
home environment.  I have references for other females I have
Suzi Q
DOB: 10-29-2008
She is a wonderful girl with a loving personality.  She loves attention and is very
obedient.  She is in very good health.  I am only retiring her so she can be placed in a
family environment to live out the rest of her life. The picture shown was taken 6-18-2015
DOB: 7-4-2012
Maggie is a very sweet girl who loves to cuddle.  Very obedient and
wants to please.  She will be a great pet and will need to be spade.  
She is a very good mom, but does not do well with the breeding
process.  She will be available 8-8-2015.  She just had a litter and will
need to finish nursing them.