July, 2011

Here is an update on our 3, yes I said 3, schnauzers we got from you.  We got Josey mid
December, 2009 and she has been a real joy to have.
I convinced my husband that Josey needed a playmate.  We had decided we wanted a male
and it had to be a parti color.  Finally after several litters, the right one was born.  So
September 1, 2010 we picked up Quigley.  He has grown to be just over 18 lbs., not fat, just tall
and lean.  He gets so excited when I am filling up the food bowls, jumping and dancing around
waiting to get his food.  He gobbles down his food at meal time like it is his last meal.  We
even got one of those bowls to help slow him down but that has not done much good.  I have
to say he is quite a mama’s baby.  He has to follow me everywhere!
Then my husband was looking at your website a few weeks after we picked up Quigley (which
he still does) just to see what new additions you had.  He made the unfortunate mistake of
having me look at the pictures.  That’s when I fell in love with Missie, our 3rd dog.  Your
description said she only weighed just over 3 pounds (now she weighs 5.4 lbs.) and she was
born only 2 days after Quigley in July, 2010.  So I made up my mind I just had to see her.  And
behold, a few weeks later she was home with us.  Needless to say, my husband was not
convinced that we needed 3 dogs, but………  At first I was not sure how she would be around
the other two dogs since they were bigger than her but I have to say that she can pretty well
hold her own.  She loves to run and pounce on the other two (or they pounce on her), they all
roll around together, play and tug toys together, just having a great time.  Sometimes they get
a little too rowdy and we have to break them apart just to settle them down.
They all sleep with us, Missie at the foot of our bed in her little bed, Quigley likes to cuddle
beside one of us and Josey still likes to snuggle under the covers.
All in all, we love having them.  People just cannot believe that we have 3 dogs and
sometimes we cannot believe it either!  Each has their own antics and personality that we just
love and cannot imagine our home without them.
Thanks so much for the 3 joys of our lives.
Pat & Barry
Hutchinson, KS
From Zoey's Mom:
In early December,2009 I became the proud owner of the most adorable little salt
and pepper parti mini schnauzer I named Zoey. From the moment the decision was
made to adopt Zoey when she was only four weeks old, until the time she was
ready to leave her momma's nest at eight weeks, Maureen was effortless at
keeping me updated with frequent e-mails and cute weekly snapshots of all Zoey's
changes, and even allowed several visits from myself and family.  It certainly made
the process of waiting to get a new puppy one of great anticipation an excitement.  
Time felt like it would never arrive when Zoey was old enough to take home to
meet her older brother, Baxter, a three year old cairn terrier with a reputation of
being a bit on the wild side.  Fortunately for all of us, when that time came, due to
Zoey's gentle, but playful personality, it took her little time to calm Baxter's
concerns, and he was eating out of her hand before he knew it.  To be perfectly
honest, her sweet cuddle bug demeanor has me doing the same thing!!!
Several months have now passed since first adopting Zoey but she continues to
be a most enjoyable puppy to raise, and as always, the antics of Baxter and new
companion never ceased to be entertaining to watch.  I attribute Zoey's loving and
well adjusted temperament to the dedication of Maureen's breeding standards, as
well as the time and commitment she exhibits daily with all her adult dogs and their
puppies.  It is evident she loves them all, and will go out of her way to see that they
find the best of homes.  
Maureen, thank you for all your hard work and allowing me the privilege of
purchasing one of your many sweet puppies.  No regrets here........Zoey's the
Carla Jewell
Hutchinson, KS
If you are a past customer and would like to send in a
testimony please send to
phillma67@yahoo.com I
would love to see pictures and hear about your little
I just received your Christmas Card and I have seen them online.  The little salt n pepper party
girl is just adorable. I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how Nitro is doing.  As you
can see by the pictures he has really grown up.  He weighed in at 15.5lbs as of last Thursday
and is as tall as my mini schnauzer that is on the small side.  He kinda grew beyond 12lbs but I
don't mind at all, he's not fat and he's still got the smaller features which I like.  He is a
toyaholic, a definate mamma's boy and quite the character.  He knows NO stranger, loves my
great nieces and nephews (plus any other kids he sees ANYWHERE).  I am so in love with this
little guy, he is so much fun to have around.  I would guess that when my 15 yr old passes I'll
be looking for a little brother for him to play with and I know just the place.  I was so impressed
with the way you kept me up-to-date with pics and information during the first 2 months and
how friendly he was when I picked him up that I wouldn't want to go anywhere else to get
another one.  He was never scared and bonded instantly with me.  So thank you for the
opportunity of having one of your precious babies.
Pattie Morlan
Salina, KS

Hi Maureen,
Just a line to let you know Doc is growing "like a bad weed" !!
He weighs 6.8 pounds now up from the 5.2 when we got him. He and Max are a pair like they
have known each other all along.
I have not had time for pics but will get a few this weekend and send you 1 or 2 then.
Thanks so much for him. He is a REALLY good little kid and has brought Shirley and I so much
He is very active but very quiet. He hardley ever barks but when he does it is so funny because
he is so small.

Doc is the love of our lives.....his such a great little guy.
I thought you might like to see what he looks like now. He is a little over a year old in these pics.
We can never that you enough !
Gary & Shirley
Zig is doing so good.  He gets so feisty now and then but for the most part he's just like a little
baby.  I love him!  I'm so glad I found your website and decided to make the trip out to meet you
and fall in love with him.  He's sleeping between 5-7 hours straight before waking up to go
potty.  He's doing great on the house training also.  He's been with us a little over two weeks
and he's only had two accidents in the house.  You started him off so well in life and you can
sure tell.  He's gotten bigger although when people see him they don't believe us.  It's going to
be hard for me to leave my little boy on Monday and return to work.  I'll be making trips home
for lunch though so I can see him and Savanna has a great schedule this semester so she'll be
home a lot with him.
Hi Maureen!  Our little Cooper is doing great! I’ll send you a few more pictures of him here this
afternoon.  He is a very smart boy, learned his potty manners very quickly, slept through the
night the very first night in our home! He likes to get up early, but wears out fairly early in the
evening too, so that works well with our schedules. He still has the white chest patch, and
little white tufts on his back feet. His groomer just loves him, calls him “Mini-Cooper”.

This is where Cooper likes to ride in the truck, when we're
traveling. He is a very good boy, but still has a lot of puppy in him!
Kerry & Janeen
Wichita, KS

We wanted to send you a picture of Max.  He is quite a dog and has become part of the family.  
We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I have had Tazor almost two years now.  He is part of our family and we can not imagine life
without him.  He sleeps with me every night and is very loyal.   My Grandpa does not even
like dogs and he enjoys Tazor when we go for visits.  I think he would keep him if he had the
chance.  Thank you so much for raising such good pups.  
Dennis, KS
Just wanted to let you know how Sami is doing! She is very fiesty (her nickname is Lil Monster,
haha)! She is adjusting very well, and we love her to pieces! I cannot thank you enough for her,
for the wonderful pictures you sent before we could pick her up, and for being so amazingly
easy to work with about the time to pick her up. She traveled very well, she loves car rides
I will recommend you to anyone I hear is looking for a new "baby"!!
Thanks again!
Sarah Funderburk
Just got back from the vet and our beautiful little girls are growing like weeds. Kira
weighs 5lb 7 0z and Jazzy weighs 6lb 10 ounces. They are quite a pair and are the
sweetest little girls. They definately have their own personalities, and like sisters
they squabble and tussle. Thank you Maureen for your patience and kindness and
for our two little joys. We tell everyone where they came from and hope other folks
will come see you for the puppy loves everyone needs.
Gay and Lauri Hume