I except major credit cards through
Pay Pal  3.5% additional fee.  There is
no fee if you transfer money straight
from your bank account and click the
button "transfer money to family and
Pet prices.  Ask about  prices for full registration. If you plan
on breeding let me know before picking up or shipping.
I would love to hear from you and get
updates on your puppies that have
come from Mo's Mini Schnauzers.


I have down sized my breeding stock and will not have
puppies as often as I have in the past.  A very nice breeder
in Nebraska has several of my breeding females and she is
highly recommended by me. Here is her web page;
Swains Sweet Schnauzers
This is my food of choice.  When the
puppies are weaned from their mom
they will be on IAMS smart puppy.  
Please let me know if you are going to
feed something different I can send a
sample home with you so you can
blend the food. This will help get their
system ready for a new food.  
No puppies at this time.
Check back  the first week of April.  Get on the waiting list.  
They will go fast.  Let me know what gender you are
looking for and color.  
Boots is due the first week of April.  
Click on her picture to see past litters.  
Her litter this time will be more colorful.  
She could have liver, black, salt and
pepper or black parti.  It will be fun
seeing what she has.  
Suzi Q is the middle pup.  She is due at the
end of April. She is the mother of MC.  She
was bred to Teeco.  More than likely have all
salt and pepper babies. They will be small.
Click on her picture to see past babies.
MC is due around the third week in
April.  She will more than likely have all
liver babies and only has two or three
pups due to her size.  These babies will
be very small.  
Click on her picture to see her past litter