Suzi Q and Teeco
I have just made the decision to let these precious little
girls go.  This is Suzi Q's last litter and I was having a hard
time letting go.  Suzi's baby's are the sweetest most loving
pup you will ever own.  They will be in the 7-9 lb range so
they will be sold with limited registration.  I am contacting
the people on my waiting list who have indicated they
want a salt and pepper female. If you are not on my waiting
list, but interested let me know as many people on my list
are looking for something different, so it is not out of the
question they could still be available.
Past babies
Girl #2
Darker salt and pepper. She will lighten up as I
groom her. I am expecting her to weigh 8-9 lbs at
Girl #1
Light in color, she is the smallest of the two.  
They are pretty close to the same size.
Momma hanging out with her
babies.  I could not resist taking
this picture.  She is so content
taking care of her babies.